Cars With The Cheapest Insurance Rates

inding affordable car insurance can be a challenge, but some vehicles tend to have cheaper rates than others. Here’s an in-depth look at cars that typically boast the most budget-friendly insurance premiums.

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Factors That Influence Premiums

Before diving into the cheapest cars to insure, it helps to understand what determines rates in the first place.

Driver Profile

Your personal details have a major impact on what you pay. Teen drivers and those with spotty records tend to pay the most.

Vehicle Attributes

Insurers analyze safety ratings, repair costs, theft rates, and other vehicle-specific factors. Flashy cars that are expensive to fix or often stolen cost more to cover.

Coverage Limits

Higher deductibles and basic coverage instead of comprehensive and collision help reduce premium costs. But limited protection also leaves you vulnerable.

The Very Cheapest Cars to Insure

Want to slash insurance bills as much as possible? These rides offer the most budget-friendly rates on average.

Subaru Outback

With high safety scores, low theft appeal, and reasonable repair costs, the Outback hits the insurance sweet spot. Its wagon style provides practicality too.

Jeep Wrangler

Despite its adventurous image, the Wrangler secures impressively affordable premiums thanks to a heavy chassis and resistance to theft. The 4-door Unlimited model is especially cost-effective.

Honda CR-V

Like other Hondas, the midsize CR-V crossover enjoys low rates due to reliability, safety credentials, and minimal repair expenses after collisions. It’s a pragmatic family choice.

More Affordable Options by Category

Beyond the overall cheapest contenders, convenient categories help navigate cost-effective choices.

Safest Bet: Volvo S60

This sleek Swedish sedan has long been an insurance favorite thanks to rigorous safety systems, many standard on all trims. Plus, its stylish design causes few waves with adjusters.

Lowest Theft Risk: Jeep Cherokee

Boasting sturdy construction with little pizzazz, the practical Cherokee deters thieves. Break-ins and thefts translate to lower premiums. The Trailhawk trim adds security tech.

Least Expensive Repairs: Honda Fit

With an efficient design, owners can fix dents and collision damage on the subcompact Fit for less cash due to inexpensive parts and minimal labor demands. These factors earn a discount.

Best High-Tech Features: Subaru Forester

Subaru sprinkles its Forester crossover with accident avoidance tech like automatic emergency braking. Such standards qualify drivers for rate cuts with insurers favoring modern systems.

Top Resale Value: Toyota Tacoma

Insurers declare lower total losses for vehicles sustaining less depreciation. The legendary Tacoma pickup maintains exceptional resale value thanks to rock-solid durability credentials and reliability.

How to Secure the Lowest Quote Possible

Beyond picking a cheaper vehicle category, smart consumers take further rate-slashing steps for rock-bottom premiums.

Comparison Shop Annually

As conditions change, seek fresh quotes from insurers competing for your business. Having options on cost and coverage is powerful.

Maintain Good Credit

Insurers reward responsible bill payment and money management reflected in credit reports. Keeping scores up earns large discounts.

Ask About Bundles

If you insure multiple cars or have homeowners coverage too, multi-policy bundles from the same insurer score savings around 15% typically.

Increase Deductibles

By shouldering more repair costs in an accident via deductible, you can reduce ongoing prices. Just save to cover the difference if needed.

FAQ About Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Still have questions about securing affordable coverage? These common queries have you covered.

What are the cheapest cars to insure for teenagers?

Insurers consider teens very risky, so the most discount-friendly cars tend to be larger sedans with ample safety gear. The Chevrolet Malibu, Subaru Legacy, and Volkswagen Jetta generally offer the most affordable teen rates.

Do red cars cost more to insure?

Contrary to popular belief, red paint does NOT affect insurance pricing models or points systems. However, expensive, high-powered red sports cars with more horsepower do garner pricier premiums.

How much can features like anti-theft devices save?

Adding anti-theft upgrades can shave around 5-15% off premiums typically. Most insurers provide some discount for systems that make your vehicle less appealing to thieves and easier to recover.

Which states have the cheapest average insurance rates?

Maine enjoys America’s lowest average car insurance premiums thanks to spread-out populations and fewer accidents overall. Idaho, Iowa, Virginia, and Wisconsin also maintain very affordable medians.

How much do high safety ratings impact premium costs?

Vehicles with top ratings from the IIHS and NHTSA score premium discounts between 5-30% with different insurers. Modern safety tech helps qualify for the best savings.

Finding the Best Rate for Your Needs

While the cars above often carry cheaper premiums, the best value depends on your situation. Comparing personalized quotes side-by-side remains crucial to find coverage that truly fits your budget needs and lifestyle priorities. With a little research, great savings await!